Hi! My name is Sean Lee and thanks for visiting SeanTheGreat.com! You can probably get a pretty good idea about me by looking at my photo albums - but let me take a moment to give you a bit of glimpse at who I am.

The Early Years
I was born in Hong Kong and spent the majority of my pre-teen years there. Our family then emigrated to Toronto, Canada where I attended high school, and subsequently acquiring a joint honors degree in Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization (it's a mouthful, I KNOW!) at the University of Waterloo. This degree combines academic-based education with practical work experience through its co-op program, where during my college years I had the opportunity to work for several leading international firms, at Canon, HP and IBM. After graduation, I started my first full-time gig at IBM Canada as a technology consultant, coincidentally around the same time the "Internet" and "WWW" started to take off in the main stream. It was also in Canada, where hockey became my favorite sport to watch. My home team is the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are going through a rebuild right now, but have an exciting young team. I will always be a fan no matter where they are in the standings! =)

Coming to the Big Apple
In early 2000, I moved down to New York catching the height of the dot-com wave. I changed my focus from consulting into sales, and worked for several technology companies from BroadVision (portals and content management), Endeca Technologies (enterprise search), to presently at EMC Corp for the last 7 years. Currently I am the Director of Business Development in our Financial Services Solutions Practice, with a focus to define and create technology solutions tailored to solve today's industry specific challenges. It is a role that requires frequent business travels while interacting with various regional teams and customers. My job is truly dynamic, and brings new challenges every day which I enjoy very much.

Community Projects
Through my work I have also been able to participate in several community projects. One of which is the PENCIL Program, where it helps facilitate customized relationships between business leaders and companies to inspire innovation and transform public schools. Our NY office is partnered with the Urban Assembly School of Wild Life Conservation in the Bronx. My mentee's name is Valdrin, and he is a very smart kid with lots of potential!

Here are some activities we have done with the school:
Science Fair, Central Park Outing, School Move, Passionate Professional, Mentor Appreciation Reception, Career Day, 2011 Kick off, EMC Office Visit, PENCIL Gala 2011

I was also very fortunate to be introduced to child sponsorship, through my friend's For A Beautiful Life group. To-date we have sponsored over 20 children in need, in different parts of China. I have 3 great sponsored kids, they are all wonderful and I am so grateful to know them!

Gary, lives with his parents and two sisters in Northern China. He is 13 years old now, and enjoys drawing and playing soccer. Here is a drawing he sent to me last year!
Gary's Drawing / Letter to me    World Vision Save A Child Program
Anna and Annie are twin girls who live with their grandma in Central China. They are now 9 years old. Even though their parents are unfortunately not with them anymore, they study very hard in school. The teachers all praise their polite manners and willingness to help others!
Anna's Pix / Report Card    Annie's Pix / Report Card    Hong Kong Christian Council

Business Venture - Elegant-Living.com
Elegant-Living.com was an online retail business venture I co-founded in 2004. We had imported unique gift items, sourced globally, from Swarovski keepsakes, compact mirrors, photo frames, pen & card holders, glass vases, tea light holders, handbags, flip-flop wine coasters, designer clocks and other home decor products. We had customers from all over the world, as far as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Israel! It was a great entrepreneurial experience, as we had to define our own execution plans in product acquisitions, operational growth, promotional marketing and advertising campaigns, and wholesaler relationships. We wrapped up the business in early 2008 after 4 years of successful operations, as my partner and I decided to concentrate on our increasing workload from our daytime jobs. All in all it was a great return on our initial capital investment, and loads of fun!
This was our homepage at Elegant-Living.com

My Travels
My goals in life are fairly simple... provide for my family, participate in community service, enjoy good food, and travel the world! And I have been fortunate that my job actually takes me to many places. I once met an English gentleman while traveling in Turkey, and he defined "well-traveled" as in "the number of countries you've been to should equal or exceed your age". Well I guess I got more traveling to do! =)

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Mayor Bloomberg, during the 2009 Annual Gala.