"Your Photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees."
~Paul Strand (Wiki)

Photography is absolutely my number one passion. Ever since I bought my first camera, I have had the habit of taking my cameras with me everywhere I go, trying to capture life's every precious moments. Luckily I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many of the world's most exciting places, and here I'd like share some of these photos with you!

    This is a collection of Fun Stuff I have noticed as they pass me by, from fireworks to hot air balloons, strange scultures, graffitis, patterns, shadows, etc. This particular picture was taken at the flower show in Taiwan.

    Talk about Interesting People... yes, this is Superman grabbing lunch with Superwoman! In this gallery you will find people from all facets of the world, from sports players to regional natives, cute babies, wedding couples, musicians, soliders, even Captain "Jack Sparrow"!

    Traveling to Amazing Places and Photography really come hand-in-hand. You learn so much from seeing and interacting with different cultures. No wonder why the Chinese has a saying "讀萬卷書不如行萬里路" (Travelling ten thousand miles is more eye-opening than reading ten thousand books)!

    We live in such an incredible world, with breath-taking Natural Wonders from all corners of the globe: Grand Canyon, Alaskan Glacier, Nile River, Mount McKinley, Sedona Valley, Lake Titicaca, etc. Hopefully they will remain relatively untouched for generations to see!